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Undergraduate Student Expectations

This complements the common and other guidelines. Suggestions and input are welcome.

As an undergraduate researcher in this lab, you will typically be paired with a senior lab mentor. This is a great time to learn how research is done. Please take advantage of this time!

What I expect from you

You will take ownership of your educational experience

You will maintain a professional attitude and work to improve your research skills

BE 199

You can take BE 199 to get course credit for your research in just a few easy steps. In addition to your regular research responsibilities, you should:

Note that in bioengineering we do not have a separate BE 99 course. If you see 99 courses referenced in material, that is referring to BE 199.

Seek out support

There are many opportunities for support while pursuing research. Please do take advantage of these. I am always delighted to recommend you for these programs.

Adapted from documents by Pam Kreeger.