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Meyer Lab at UCLA

We apply experimental and computational strategies to measure, model, and then therapeutically manipulate cell-to-cell communication, with applications in the development of immune and cancer therapies.


The lab’s recent published research on a new approach for dimensionality reduction of systems serology data has been highlighted by the engineering school.

Welcome to Jackson Chin! He previously studied bioengineering at University of Washington, and is joining the lab for his Ph.D.

Dr. Meyer will talk about the lab’s efforts for modeling tumor cell heterogeneity and AXL-driven drug resistance at Vanderbilt’s CSBC program.

The lab has been awarded a grant from the Jayne Koskinas Ted Giovanis Foundation for Health and Policy. This will continue support for our work on using lineage tree-based hidden Markov models to quantify the heterogeneity of drug response in tumor cell populations. The project is in collaboration with the Heiser lab at OHSU.

The lab has been awarded a pilot grant from the NCI to combine mechanistic models and AI in the form of autoencoders to model patient-specific phosphoproteomic changes. This is in collaboration with Emek Demir at OHSU, Sara Gosline at PNNL, and Fabian Fröhlich at Harvard.

The lab has been awarded a grant from the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This project builds on our model of IgGs binding to effector cells, to predict the effect of antibody combinations. The work is in collaboration with the Nimmerjahn lab at FAU Erlangen, and has has potential application to many diseases and therapies. As part of this funding, we will also participate in a consortium of labs working to improve antibody engineering.

Welcome to Brian Orcutt-Jahns, who is joining the lab for his Ph.D.! Brian is continuing at UCLA where he studied bioengineering.

Dr. Meyer has received a UCLA Faculty Career Development Award!

Welcome to Cyrillus Tan, who is joining the lab for his Ph.D.! Cyrillus is a student in the bioinformatics program, with a background in computer science.

Thanks to the UCLA Hellman Fellows Program for supporting the lab! These funds will go toward supporting our antibody engineering work.

Dr. Meyer spoke about the lab’s work to model antibody effector cell responses at the second annual Antibodies and Complement Conference.

Drs. Meyer and Bae will present at the CSBC’s Inaugural West Coast Symposium.

Congratulations Ryan R on receiving an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!



Meyer Lab
University of California, Los Angeles
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Aaron Meyer
Department of Bioengineering at UCLA
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Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: (310) 794-4821